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[PDF] Article 3690. David Straight 2.0 — The British Back Door and Our Claims

David Straight 2.0 — The British Back Door and Our Claims by Anna von Reitz published May 23, 2022 David Straight 2.0 — David Straight is adopting the political status of a British Territorial United States Citizen, otherwise known as a U.S. It’s perfectly allowable for Trump and David Straight to be here in this country and for them to claim the political status of American State Nationals because they were both born in this country on our land and soil.

[PDF] Article 2022. More Nuggets — David Straight Seminar Afternoon

David Straight Seminar Afternoon By Anna Von Reitz You just can not under-estimate the value of talking with other people and hearing things that are new or from a different perspective. One of the Very Good Points that David Straight makes in his presentation is that the United States Code exists as a means for us to hold our employees to account, or, from my perspective, to remind them of what their own self-acknowledged duty is and what their published corporate policies say.

[PDF] Article 1999. Austin Meeting OUR LAND JURISDICTION

– Featured Presenters: Anna von Reitz – Constitutional Enforcement David Straight – Status and Standing Ron Gibson – Land Patents, Allodial Title, and Land Rights Day 1 – Thursday 26th David Straight Day 2 – Friday 27th David Straight Day 3 – Saturday 28th Ron GibsonRegistration Options Days 1, 2, and 3 – ( 299, $595, $606) Day 4 – Sunday 29th Anna von Reitz With guest speakers – Ron Gibson and David StraightRegistration Options Day 4 – (